Fully Stocked Pro Shop!

Our shop is a centre of golfing expertise in Uttoxeter, and is filled with the latest items and equipment to help you enjoy your game. We stock brands including PING, Wilson Staff, Sunderland and many, many more.

Other services we offer:

We hire out Electric trollies or pull trollies from £2 to £10 .

We offer a re-shafting service from £20 to £200 a shaft, and will be returned to you within the week. 

We are able to shorten or lengthen clubs, alongside changing lie angles and lofts.

We can re-stud your shoes while you wait from £7.

Grips are a vital part of your golfing experience - a grip too thick or worn too thin can be the reason you lose vital points.

We're happy to offer a regripping service, just be sure to ask next time you're in the pro shop.

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